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Under self-funding health care, your business collects employee premiums and uses that money to pay for medical bills.

Self-Funding Health Care: How Should Business Owners Approach It?

Self-funding health care plans have typically only been used by large organizations. However, small and medium-sized…

Explaining the affects of healthcare laws on small businesses

When Does a New Health Care Law Affect Small Businesses?

When the government changes health care policy, it impacts the entire country — especially small businesses. So just how…

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction and the top health issue employers should prevent.

Common Health Care Costs By Sector and Their Solutions

Every industry faces its own unique medical challenges. By understanding what your employees are dealing with, you can…

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You should survey your employee to figure out their health plan preferences. Then, separate them into must-haves and nice-to-haves.

3 Health Plan Exercises to Find Your Best Option

Picking your company's next health plan is one of the most important benefit decisions you'll make every year. It's also a…

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With a PPO, your employees can still see out-of-network doctors. With an HMO, they cannot.

HMO vs PPO: What’s Right for Your Small Business?

Health insurance plans use a provider network system to determine which doctors your employees can see and at what cost.…

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When you plan company health insurance, you need to balance finding a plan everyone likes along with controlling costs.

Understanding Health Care: Tips for New C-suite Executives

As people move into C-suite positions, they take on new responsibilities, such as managing the company's health insurance…

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Telemedicine, the ability to see doctors remotely, is one breakthrough transforming the health care landscape.

3 Ways the Health Care Landscape Is Changing Thanks to Technology

Over the past decade, the health care landscape has changed dramatically thanks to new technology. A few breakthroughs…

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A business owner compares plans with his new insurance broker.

5 Questions to Ask Your Broker to Find the Right Plan

An insurance broker's job is to help your company find the right health insurance plan. They can be a valuable source of…

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You should explain the health plan changes in a variety of ways like brochures, one-on-one discussions, and group seminars.

How to Explain Health Plan Changes to Your Employees

Whenever you adjust your insurance benefits, you need a plan for explaining the health plan changes to your employees. After…

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A group life insurance plan makes it easier and less expensive for your employees to buy life insurance.

Picking a Life Insurance Plan for Your Business

If you want to offer your employees another workplace benefit, consider group life insurance. These plans make it easier and…

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When you look at health plans, out-of-pocket expenses are just as important as the monthly premium.

Health Plan Checklist 101: What Should You Look for When Updating Benefits?

When you pick next year's health plan, it's one of the most important decisions you'll make for your employees. But it's…

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With an FSA, your employees can use pre-tax earnings to pay for health care expenses, like prescription drugs.

Are Flexible Spending Accounts Right for Your Employees?

Even if your employees have health insurance, they're still paying out-of-pocket for all kinds of medical expenses.…

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